Windows 10 is now installed on 600 million active devices worldwide

Windows 10
Microsoft just announced Windows 10 is now installed on 600 million active devices worldwide. The number is up from 500 million active devices announced in early 2017. Looking at the growth, Microsoft is rumored to be optimistic the number of active devices that use Windows 10 will reach 1 billion in the next 2 or three years.
However, the growth in the use of Windows 10 is reported to have stagnated. This is because Microsoft is no longer providing free upgrade offer to previous Windows version users, namely Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

In addition, there are still many users who choose to use Windows 7 which is still the most widely used PC operating system in the world.
The number of 600 million active devices also turned out not only PC. This includes various other devices that use Windows 10 operating system, including Xbox One, Surface Hub, and Windows tablet and smartphone.

Still there is good news for Microsoft. Windows 10 has a very high adoption usage ratio. Microsoft reportedly succeeded in making early Windows 10 users to update and update their operating system to the latest version.