3 easy ways to increase Steam account level

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Currently Steam is the most popular gaming platform in the world. One of Steam dance power in addition to having a collection of games with a very large number is the system level in each user account. The level system functions similarly to the existing level in the RPG game, while the user is active, the higher the level.

In Steam, you have many ways to raise your account level. The benefits are also varied, ranging from access to a variety of special features and of course you can also take pride in having a Steam account with a high level.

So how do I quickly raise the Steam account level? Consider the following explanation:

1. Follow Community Event

You will be awarded XP points if you follow a variety of official community activities on Steam. One of them is when the party discount Steam Sale You can collect various cards or badges. If you complete everything, you will be given additional XP points.

In addition you can also create a community and become a leader in it. If your community gets more active and the number of members more and more, you will also be rewarded with XP points and your Steam account level will go up by itself.

2. Collect Badge Through Trading Card

Steam has a unique system that lets players collect items called Trading Card. These items will always get you when playing games in a certain duration. Each game has a set of Trading Card which usually consists of six cards. You can get four Trading Card when playing a game and the rest can be obtained from various ways.

One way to get a Trading Card is to buy it through Steam Marketplace. You can also exchange Trading Card with friends or others. But be careful with the fraud mode is also quite rampant in Steam.

After the complete Trading Card and become a set, you can exchange it with a badge that will give you XP points to raise your account level.

3. Buy Game

Buying games in Steam is the easiest way to get your account level up. Steam has a system that will give you XP points if you have purchased a game with a certain amount. The more games you buy, the more points XP rewards you'll get. The XP Points will be accumulated into the levels for your account.   

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