4 ways that you can still enjoy music via Headphones while ensuring health

We are sure when you use headphones to listen to music, often you are not aware the volume of headphones has exceeded reasonable limits and could damage your hearing system.

This is natural because the music that you hear is heard that the volume is too loud and even dangerous for health.

Theoretically, if you hear sounds over 85 decibels continuously, then your hearing system is highly motivated to interfere. However, measuring sound in headphones can be more complicated because the distance is closer to the ear and most have a closed space.

You are indeed measuring the level of sound based on decibel using a special tool, but of course it is very inconvenient. There are ways that you can still enjoy music while ensuring hearing health is maintained.

1. Make the equalizer

Equalizer not only appear as decorative display of music player application in smartphone or your computer. Equalizer lets you adjust the frequency of each voice channel to match what you want.

For example, if you want a faster bass sound, then you just need to increase the frequency of bass. This leaves you unnecessarily raising the volume so your ears will avoid the danger of permanent hearing damage.

2. Use high quality music files

One of the reasons you often tighten the volume is because you can not hear music details properly. This can be overcome by using high quality music files like FLAC or WAV with better bitrates than just 128 bit MP3. When the music sounds sweet in the ear, you will not automatically raise the volume and avoid the risk of damage to the hearing system.

3. Use the right headphones

Not all headphones are created with the same configuration. Each headphone has its own frequency configuration so it has different sound characteristics.

Do not buy headphones with treble characteristics if you want to listen to details of bass sound. In the end you will increase the volume of sound that can damage hearing.

4. Better to use headphones with noise cancelling

Some headphones now have active noise cancelling technology that allows outside sounds to be blocked to be heard by your ears.

Thus, you can listen to music details better at lower volumes because there is no outside noise. Headphones with this feature are usually found in the premium product line.

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