5 new innovations in useful technology in 2018

In the Year 2017 is already a lot of technology lovers because there are several innovations that will make the surfing experience more exciting. Starting from a new smartphone, a variety of smartphone support gadgets, to a variety of unique social media features that you must try. Here are 5 technological innovations in 2017 that you should know.

1. AI and advanced machine learning
AI and advanced machine learning
Advanced technology in the year 2017 AI and advanced machine learning, this technology is actually not a recent invention, but the development of the previous technology. Technology that can be applied in self-contained vehicles, robots, consumer electronics, visual personal assistants, and smart advisors. The technology is a development of the previous device that is AI (Artifficial Intelligent), which then called machine learning. This technology will make devices and technology programs more sophisticated, such as being able to learn, understand, adapt and allegedly can operate independently.
2. VR and AR
VR and AR
Technology that will be updated and will be more popular is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Actually these two technologies have been there in recent years, but until now these two technologies are still in the process of development, in the year 2017 both experienced some improvement. The development of these two technologies will continue to improve until the stage of completion is predicted to occur in 2021.
3. Autonomous car
Autonomous car
A car without a previous driver has been produced in 2016, but it is still in trial stage and produced in limited quantities. Autonomous or unlicensed car technology will start much in 2017 and will fill the entire city trip by 2040. In addition, our future also no longer need to use the SIM as a condition of driving.
4. Spectacles
Snapchat Spectacles

The company that issued the Snapchat app has been released an advanced gadget called Spectacles. Spectacles themselves are sophisticated sunglasses gadgets that can be uploaded in Snapchat directly.
5. AirSelfie

This smartphone support device uses mini drones to do selfie. With a very stable position to take pictures when the selfie or group photo.