5 powerful tips to reduce addiction on your phone

Addicted smartphone
Lately we often discuss about the negative impacts posed by the smartphone. However, just by understanding the negative impact it is not effective enough to remove you from a smartphone addiction or known as nomophobia (no mobile phone phobia). Therefore we will help you by giving 5 powerful tips below.

Silent smartphone

Silent smartphone

Conscious or unconscious, the notification on the smartphone cause a sense of curiosity that can make us constantly checking the smartphone. And if you think about it not all notifications are important. In fact, some non-certifications such as viral news or gossip often make you fail to focus. For that just enable notifications that are considered important such as SMS or other that you consider it is important.

Do your hobby

Do your hobby
Everyone must have a hobby. The hobby we mean here is not that related to smartphone or game play. What we mean is a hobby outside the smartphone world like playing music, swimming, traveling, and so forth. We believe that the addiction to the smartphone will decrease.

Non-smartphone activity

The following ways are effective enough to lower your smartphone addiction rate. Create exciting activities that can make you forget with a smartphone like sports. Invite your friends or spouse to join the activity so you do not easily bored. At least you've been spared from the smartphone for several hours.

Use Smartwatch

Another way to overcome addiction to smartphones is to use smartwatch. Indeed, it seems to move notifications from one device to another, but you do not have to stare at the smartphone screen all the time.

Your smartphone can be placed in a pocket or purse, if there is an important notification on smartwatch, you can open it directly on smartphone.

Set time limits on using smartphones

My minutes
You can gradually reduce smartphone usage. If you can not run all day without a smartphone, you can start with an hour without a smartphone, then two hours without a smartphone, until finally not addicted to the smartphone again.