5 ways to avoid kids from game addiction

Game addiction
In today's modern era we need ways to limit children playing games. Of course we are familiar with computer devices, gadgets or with internet connection. With advances in technology can sometimes cause new problems for parents who one of them is a child addicted to playing games, both offline and online games that are currently being played. Various games that exist today offer a variety of exciting game treats and certainly can make everyone, especially children like and happy to play it. And here we will give efforts to limit and avoid children from game addiction.

1. Establish a mutually agreed regulation

How to limit children to play the first game is to create rules that are mutually agreed. So if anyone who violates or can not keep it there will certainly be punishments that are educational for children. In this case we can make a deal like a child can play games if already doing homework or while relaxing, can also make a deal such as may play games on weekends and so forth. Certainly parents must commit in running the deal so that children are not addicted to the game games that exist today.

2. Limit the length of the child while playing the game

The second step is to restrict children from playing games. Playing games may originate at the right time, but that does not mean the length of play we do not limit. In fact we as parents should limit the length of the child while playing the game. This aims to reduce the child in addiction to games either on the device Computer, Mobile, PlayStation, or Tablet.

3. Integrate the activity of children with activities outside school hours

Seeing a successful child and achievement in academic affairs of course be the pride of parents, but in addition we as parents should also support the interests of children by giving them lessons or activities that can support the interests or hobbies of the child. For example, by including tutoring lessons or it could be to support the hobby of playing the ball. That way the ability will also grow and make the activity he does much more useful for himself.

4. Do not put the gadgets at random place

Sometimes the chances of children to play the game even greater if we facilitate it. So for example we put the computer to learn in the child's room, although useful to help him learn but sometimes on the other occasion the child will use it more freely to play the game without the knowledge of parents. Can also when we put gadget carelessly, this can be used by the child to play games right then and there. So in essence we as parents should also be wise and smart in doing everything, especially if dealing with educating children.

5. Oversee the child with attention

If we as parents always keep an eye on our children, whether while studying or playing of things that we do not want can be avoided. But if otherwise we neglect in watching the child, could be the child will do things as it may be bad for himself like addicted to playing games. 

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