5 ways to overcome a smartphone can not connect to internet

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The need for internet access today is already very needed from children to adults even though the average internet connection requires for various needs. As for now we are also increasingly facilitated by the existence of various gadgets that provide features to access the internet with more easily, quickly and inexpensively. However, the problems that often arise and often in the problem by smartphone users is when experiencing connection disruption. Here we will provide a way or solution to overcome the smartphone can not connect to the internet.

1. Try Clean Cache

Actually this is sometimes the main cause so that the connection disruption on the smartphone. Cache or history saved when doing everything connected to the internet, can sometimes fill the existing memory. So the cache or number of history can disconnect the existing connection. So to fix it clean the cache periodically, so you will not find the same problem.

2. Enable Airplane Mode

When your Internet connection is dead when your internet is still active, you can try to activate Airplane mode. Activate the mode then you turn it back off after a while.

3. Reboot with Airplane Mode

In addition to temporarily enabling Airplane mode, you can also try rebooting your Android smartphone or tablet while still activating the Airplane mode. Once you do, turn off the mode. How to fix android internet connection is already widely used and proven successful.

4. Resetting Smartphone Clock And Calendar

Make sure the hours and calendars that exist on your smartphone in accordance with the current time. Because sometimes the mismatch of clocks and mobile calendar become the cause of the connection disruption so that we can not access to the internet. Because in other devices such as computers or laptops sometimes can not connect to the internet also because of this one problem is the clock and the calendar listed is not appropriate. So by re-ordering the clock and the date can often be a solution for the smartphone can re-connect with the internet.

5. Enter the APN Manually

If you do not get settings to activate Internet connection on Android, you can enter APN manually. But, you should notice is that the settings in each Internet service provider is different. Therefore, you should look for the right settings. If you have trouble, you can call each provider's provider to ask for help.    

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