5 ways to save Android smartphone battery usage

Android Battery Life
In the present time it may be a lot of Android Smartphone users. Even the smartphone manufacturers are currently competing to create their best Android smartphone by making Android smartphones with exceptional specifications but at an affordable price. Many Android phone users are complaining about the durability of their phone batteries. Especially for Android phones that only have a battery capacity below 2000 mAh. Especially if in your phone installed a lot of applications and games, by frequently playing applications and games then your phone battery will be more extravagant.

However, wasteful battery Android battery can be overcome by running some of the following tips. Tips that I will give the following can save the use of your Android phone battery.

1. Turn off the Sync feature

Android phones usually have Sync data feature that serves to sync phone data to be uploaded to Google servers. For those of you logging in with a Google account on a mobile phone, try turning off this Sync feature. Even apps like Facebook, email, have the Sync contact feature. To further save the use of your phone battery should turn off this feature. How to turn off this Sync feature you can go to Settings >> Accounts, and view all existing accounts then turn off the Sync feature.

2. Turn off GPS

This GPS feature is very important at this time. All android phones are equipped with GPS features to make it easier for you to find a location. But do not forget to turn off the GPS when not in use. Often someone forgot to turn off the GPS after they used it. Also the features you should turn off are Access to my location, usually in Settings> Location services. Do not forget to turn off the feature.

3. Reduce screen brightness

The brightness on the Android screen also affects battery consumption. Then reduce screen brightness to save battery usage. However, some Android phones are now equipped with auto brightness feature, so the brightness of the screen will be adjusted to the light conditions around.

4. Remove / uninstall useless apps

Some apps may be running in the background. Although in reality the application is not being opened but could have run in the background. Or there could be an update on the application, then the phone work will increase. For that just delete some applications that are not used. In addition to saving battery usage, it will also relieve your phone memory.

5. Use the battery saver application

Currently a lot of battery saver applications that you can choose on Google Playstore, eg DU Battery Saver or Greenify.