7 free photo service provider sites that can be used for various purposes

Free photo sites
Photos can make the articles you write and the sites you manage to be more interesting. In addition to improving your photography skills to produce good and desirable aesthetic photos, you also have other options. You can embellish articles and sites by making use of photos offered by photo-only sites for free. The photos you can use for various purposes, both for commercial purposes, and others.

Photos available on the site are uploaded by photographers who are still building their names in the realm of photography, or simply want to contribute something useful to the world. Here are some sites you can visit and use.
Unsplash offers over 200 thousand photos that you can use for various purposes. You can browse the site through the various categories it offers, and the images on offer from landscape photos to portraits of people and animals.

The Unsplash license is quite easy, and lets you use photos for any desired destination without the need to attribute the name of the photographer, when compared to other stock photo services.

You can also create an account to upload your own photos and curate the photo collection on the site. In addition, you can also follow the preferred photographer's account on the service, similar to social networks.

2. Kaboom Pics

Kaboom Pics

Kaboom Pics performs similarly to other sites, offering various images that are searched and crawled by category. However, this site provides an interesting feature, which focuses on color, and allows you to browse the site by color.

Focus on this color serves to group photos based on the color palette displayed, allowing you to customize the design with photos if desired. Pictures offered can be used for personal or commercial use.
This site offers over 350 thousand photos that can be used for free. However, you may find iStock links and other paid image sites when your searches do not display the appropriate results on the site.

Morguefile has many images that can be used for free and so on, but you can sell or distribute images without changes. So you can not use photos to build your own photography portfolio.

4. Pixabay

Pixabay offers over one million images, which you can use for free on the sites you manage. And different other services, this site also offers videos that can be used for free.

The site is also powered by a good search engine and offers Android and iOS apps, making it suitable for you who are active mobile device users. All Pixabay images are supported by CC0 License.

Such support allows you to copy, modify and distribute without the need for permission. However Pixabay put their special photos at the top of the image contained in the license list.

You can not sell and redistribute content without permission, and can not use images for inappropriate purposes without permission.
Stocksnap adds hundreds of new photos each week, all for free and is free of copyright restrictions. Photographers are only possible to upload five photos at a time, with the basic idea that everyone can only upload their best work.

It has a curated photo selection with a neat look. As with other sites we present, attribution to photographers is not required, although on the FAQ page mention attribution is highly appreciated.
Negative Space
The site offers a collection of high resolution images that can be used for various purposes, thanks to the support of a similar Pixabay CC0 license. Do a picture search or browse category-based image collection. Unfortunately, this site is filled with ads with links to Adobe's stock image service. However it does not interfere with the pleasure of utilizing this site to support your goals.
Shot Stash
This site comes with beautiful layouts and categories, and is worth tagging if you want more photo options. The collection offered by this site is not much, but the photo display offered is quite good and the photos are categorized by offering ease of search. Attribution is also not required, although it is highly appreciated.