Finger nails can replace the role of mobile phones in 2049

Mobile Nails
In a study conducted by British operators O2 and Dr Ian Pearson, in 2049, the function of a smartphone can be replaced with wearable that allows the function of a technology inherent in the human body.

One of them is a finger nail that can be used to receive the phone, as well as other functions that exist in a smart phone. Some time ago, O2 had a showcase device that makes our finger nails can receive phone calls.

Mobile Nails device is made from the cooperation of O2 with the brand of beauty products Nails Inc. The technology used is not embedded in the finger nail, but the existence of a ring with a sensor that can recognize the movement of a finger.

Armed with a Bluetooth connection that connects this ring with a smart phone in our pocket or bag, users can instantly receive phone calls without having to search their phone first.

In the ring, there are several options, ranging from receiving calls, making calls with voice commands, to play music from the phone. Although this device is only exhibited and tested for a week. However, in the future it will have a very important impact.

Pearson said this technology could impact the way humans communicate in the future. By simply bringing our fingers to the ear, in fact the technology is quite futuristic and reflects the early stage wearable.

It is still too early for the application of technology such as embedding components inside the human body. O2 party itself will not produce this technology, they just try to adapt to the way users communicate.