Qualcomm could try their autonomous car in California

Qualcomm logo
California has given permission to some companies to try their autonomous car technology. One of them is Qualcomm.

The manufacturer has secured permission to test one vehicle and three motorists on December 12. Prior to this, California has also given permission to try their autonomous vehicles at several other companies, such as NVIDIA.

Unlike the company Waymo under the Alphabet, Google's parent company, which focuses on making autonomous cars. Qualcomm does not make its own car. They will only test a car equipped with a 9150 C-V2X chipset that they announced a few months ago.

The chipset will allow the vehicle to see the surroundings, also make the vehicle able to communicate with each other and with infrastructure such as traffic lights. Automakers can use the chipset on their autonomous car security system.
Going forward, Qualcomm plans to test their autonomous cars in Michigan, China, Germany, Italy and Japan so they can collect data related to the performance of their chipsets made in various conditions.