AI for Earth artificial intelligence for solutions to the climate change crisis

AI for Earth
Concerned by the crisis caused by climate change, Microsoft announced a program with a value of US $ 50 million to support any organization that wants to solve the problem with technology. Microsoft has added the funds to a program called AI for Earth. Microsoft will provide funding for any organization that can use artificial intelligence (AI) for solutions to the climate change crisis.

The program, which was first rolled out in June, seeks to fund and provide Microsoft's AI platform for organizations that address climate change issues.
Microsoft will provide technology infrastructure such as cloud services and AI technology tools. They also provide training for organizations or individuals who want to develop AI for the solution.
"We want to make AI technology more democratic, which can be used by anyone in any field with a good impact on real life, one of them using AI to monitor the condition of the earth," said President & Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft Brad Smith.
Smith said there were four areas targeted by Microsoft's AI implementation on the issue of the climate change crisis. Among them are climate, water, agriculture and biodiversity

Organizations with mature AI solutions and implementations will receive funding from Microsoft through the AI for Earth program. Microsoft wants the technology to contain elements of more than one field of science.