Amazon has acquired Blink, the maker of wireless security cameras established in 2014

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Amazon has acquired Blink, a wireless security camera company founded in 2014 and earning $ 1 million from the Kickstarter campaign. This acquisition was announced a few days ago. Currently, Blink will operate as usual, with no changes to the product line they will launch, including their latest product, Blink Video Doorbell.

Blink was founded in 2014. And in the following year, they held a campaign at Kickstarter, hoping they would get US $ 200 thousand to make their cordless security cameras.
Unlike competing cameras that require batteries or cameras powered by batteries that usually do not last long, Blink promises a camera that can last for one year in a single charge. The campaign was a success. Blink earns five times as much as they expect.
After that, Blink launched several other cameras. Blink Video Doorbell is the latest product announced this month.

Although this camera is not a camera system in the first door, it is different because it is easy to install because it does not have cable. In addition, it also has a fairly cheap price when compared to competitors.
"If you have our camera, nothing has changed for now," Blink said in an official statement.
"We will continue to operate as usual under Amazon to sell great products that you know. This is our first day at Amazon and we can not wait to see what we can do for customers with us."