Amazon is reportedly distributing more smart speakers than Google

Amazon Echo vs Google Home
According to data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners in December, intelligent speakers Amazon Echo has distributed as many as 20 million units. The amount is three times more than Google Home's smart home speaker distribution of 7 million units.

The success of Amazon is called not out of the fact that its intelligent speakers have been marketed 18 months earlier when compared with Google Home. However, Google is considered to have the advantage of being able to follow the marketing of Amazon's distribution system.

Amazon and Google are also considered able to compete well in terms of price. Both companies offer device models with a very affordable price range that is Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini.

Both devices are marketed at a price range of US $ 29 during the holiday season holiday season. However, Amazon is boosting competition in the realm of intelligent speakers by providing discounts of 20 percent to 40 percent for second generation Echo.

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