Analysts said the Taiwanese media provided inappropriate information related to rumors of iPhone X production cuts

iPhone X
Previously circulating information related to China's equity market, shares of component suppliers company iPhone X lost 40 percent of their value in one day. The loss is supported by rumors of iPhone X production cuts to 20 million to 30 million units.

Analysts from the security firm Rosenblatt called the rumors an incorrect information. Jun Zhang analysts said that the results of his company's research revealed no reduction in production for the iPhone X, and the media in Taiwan is considered a bit confused.
According to Zhang, the production reduction is intended for Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Meanwhile, iPhone X products reach the maximum production amount this month. Zhang added there would be no reduction in iPhone X production during the quarter in March.
In addition, Zhang also stressed that Rosenblatt predicted Apple would not reduce reservations for AMOLED panels and 3D censorship components.
Sales of the iPhone X, called Zhang, are stable in the North American market, and have grown in the Chinese market over the past two weeks.
Analysts also mention based on company calculations, sales of iPhone X has surpassed the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus combined sales. Meanwhile, according to NASDAQ trading, Apple's market share declined nearly 3 percent to US $ 170.