Apple finally officially acquired Shazam with an estimated value of $ 400 million

Shazam mobile
After the many rumors that have circulated last week now Apple finally officially acquire Shazam with an estimated value of US $ 400 million. The relationship between Apple and Shazam has been going on for a long time, Shazam is one of the first applications that appeared on the App Store in 2008. At that time, people who have Shazam on their iPhone 3G can recognize the title song, then buy it from iTunes.

It's still going on to date, and starting from iOS 8, the introduction of the title track from Shazam is already integrated into Apple's digital assistant, Siri.
Since 2008, Shazam already has a number of new features, including recognizing television series, movie posters, magazine ads and augmented reality content (AR). Although Apple's main interest in Shazam is about music, Apple CEO Tim Cook has an interest in AR.
Apple usually does not want to tell the public when it acquires a company, but different things happen when the acquisition of Shazam. They released a press statement calling the acquisition, even writing the name Shazam. While the so-called acquisition value of US $ 400 million is an estimate of Shazam's valuation.
"We are very impatient Shazam and his talented team to join Apple.Since the launch of the App Store, Shazam has consistently entered the list of most popular applications for iOS," Apple wrote in a statement.