Apple has announced that the iMac Pro will be available on December 14th

Apple iMac Pro
Apple has announced that the new iMac will be available on December 14th. The news is confirmed by e-mail from Apple sent to the customer. iMac Pro can be estimated at a mere $ 4,999. Prices for optional upgrades to engines are not yet available.

iMac Pro is designed for professional users with jobs such as advanced video and graphics editing, virtual reality content creation, and real-time 3D rendering. And iMac Pro is also the only one we see in detail so far that will use the Intel Xeon 18-core processor, has a 5K display, and includes the Radeon Vega GPU, among other high-end specifications.

High-end performance is made possible by new thermal designs that produce cooling capacity up to 80 percent more than traditional iMac.

With a unique and exclusive gray design, the iMac Pro with Magic keyboard matches the numeric keypad and Magic Mouse 2. Users can optionally swap the mouse for a Magic Trackpad 2 gray space. iMac Pro has also been equipped with a black Lightning cable for charging black keyboards other small things that are specific to this computer

Apple reported that the iMac Pro is the most powerful computer to date. Apple also said it would start making its own display once again by incorporating Thunderbolt displays.

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