Apple now sells SIM-free and unlocked in the US with full support for CDMA and GSM networks

iPhone X
Apple recently started offering SIM-free unlocked models of the iPhone X. This model is the same against other iPhone X variants but it's unlocked, meaning you'll be free to use it on any network you want.

Now if you're headed to Apple's Online Store, you'll have the option of purchasing a GSM or CDMA version of a phone that works with AT & T and T-Mobile or Verizon and Sprint. If you buy an iPhone X without a carrier it means the device will be present SIM-free and ready to use with your preferred carrier.

This option may be very good for business travelers who do not want to keep using wireless carriers and may want to get a SIM card from another carrier. It also ensures that you are not at all tied to a particular operator or will be locked into the operator's financing program.

For the issue of delivery time, all the iPhone-free SIM-free SIM models already ordered will be certain to ship on December 12, according to Apple. 

For the current 5-day delivery time in the US for all variations of iPhone X, and the issue at this delivery time is also highly dependent on the city being shipped.

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