Apple was fined $ 25,000 for failing to provide evidence for prosecution on Qualcomm

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Apple was fined for failing to provide evidence for prosecution on Qualcomm. Courts in California have authorized Apple to pay US $ 25,000 per day, since December 16, for every day they do not submit the necessary documents to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) for their demands on Qualcomm.

The FTC sued Qualcomm earlier in the year on charges of doing anti-competition business.

Apple spokeswoman Josh Rosenstock denied that the company was hiding the necessary documents. On Bloomberg, he said, "We have provided millions of documents for this case and are struggling to deliver millions of other documents to be requested We are planning to appeal this decision."

It is still unknown why Apple failed to deliver the documents as quickly as the court wanted and whether this delay would benefit Qualcomm.
If the court decision does not change, Apple will have to submit a document for the case on December 29 if they do not want to pay a bigger fine.

Apple is not involved in the prosecution conducted by the FTC on Qualcomm. However, Apple and Qualcomm themselves are busy suing each other. Apple started the legal war in January by demanding Qualcomm to pay US $ 1 billion in royalty-related matters.
Last month, Qualcomm fought back by suing Apple, accusing them of not meeting the requirements of software licenses and sharing confidential information with Qualcomm's competitors.
And in late November, Apple again demanded Qualcomm, claiming that they had violated at least eight patents owned by Apple. Qualcomm retaliated, claiming that all iPhone from iPhone 7 to iPhone X has violated 16 patents.