Apple Watch saved a man from a heart attack

Apple Watch
A man named Scott Killian never imagined his life would survive thanks to Apple Watch. But it actually happened a few weeks ago. One night a few weeks ago Killian had a heart attack. His job as a lawyer makes Killian has a high level of stress.
Killian wearing Apple Watch said the smart watch woke him at 1 am through a notification from the HeartWatch app. The application detected Killian's heartbeat as he was asleep.

He said, based on Apple Watch detection, his heart rate reached 121 per minute. Whereas earlier heart rate only 49 per minute. Due to a sharp increase, Killian decides to visit a doctor as a precaution.

After going through a variety of follow-up examinations, just discovered there are four blocked arteries and it can cause heart attacks until death.
"The doctor said, if I stay asleep, maybe I will not wake up again, maybe I will die in sleep," Killian said.

Killian also said, his grandfather died at the age of 55 years in his sleep, also due to a heart attack. At that time, there is no Apple Watch that can save the lives of its users.

"I always use Swiss watches, the only reason I use Apple Watch because he woke me up, saved my life, I think all 50-year-old men should wear it," Killian said.