Barbato brothers from Italy who produce jeans with brand 'Steve Jobs'

Steve Jobs clothing
Apple suffered various problems. Not only related to the phones they create, but also the patents they have. This time, Apple must be willingly the name of one of its founding figures attached to the jeans.

The patent of the use of the name Steve Jobs as a trademark has become a struggle between Apple with a pair of Italian brothers, Vincenzo Barbato and Giacomo Barbato. Both have companies in the field of clothing, exactly jeans.

Following local media La Repubblica Napoli, announced the brand 'Steve Jobs' officially became a trademark owned by two brothers jeans maker. That is, Apple lost the seizure of the patent name of its founder who has been filed to court since 2012.

Apart from the patents that were successfully won by the Italian jeans manufacturers, their logo is also actually very adopt the symbol of Apple. The logo consists of the letter J with a shape that displays pieces of apple shape and complete with leaves.

The two breasts clearly state they are also planning to bring the brand 'Steve Jobs' into the electronics industry. Although they did not mention clearly the electronic devices to be created.

Vincenzo and Giacomo pledged to protect the personal image of a character whose name they use as a brand so they think the brand will not be used for cheap products.
They also want to work with electronics companies to quickly expand their business. If this is realized, a new round of patents with Apple may be repeated again.