Bitcoin price in 2018 is estimated at $ 60,000


Bitcoin's significant price spike throughout 2017 is predicted to be unstoppable next year. In fact it is estimated to reach $ 60,000.

The year 2017 seems to be the period of proof for Bitcoin as the most calculated cryptocurrency. One climax occurs when the digital currency recorded a record high with a value of US $ 19,796 on December 17 last.

Experts also predict that with these achievements, Bitcoin has the potential to record a much higher value next year.

"Bitcoin can reach US $ 60,000 by December 2018," said Mike Dumont, Senior Editor of

The same thing was also expressed by Mohammad Tayeb as COO Medicalchain, a platform provider of medical services based on blockchain.

"Bitcoin can touch US $ 50,000 next year, even more, I think fewer people will be surprised by the news about Bitcoin's surge," he said.

Longer-term predictions are made by Jeremy Epstein, CEO of Never Stop Marketing, start-up Blockchain-based marketing firm.

"With this year's record, I would not be surprised if Bitcoin could touch US $ 250,000 or more in five years, but there is still a 50:50 chance of a big success or a total failure," Epstein explained.

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