BlackBerry accepts ICC decisions related to breach of contract and must pay $ 137 million to Nokia

BlackBerry company
BlackBerry accepted the decision of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that they have to pay to Nokia worth US $ 137 million related contract quarrel. Nokia accuses BlackBerry of not paying as it is written on patent license contracts and bringing this issue to the ICC arbitration panel.

Although BlackBerry agreed to do what the ICC requested, the Canadian company admitted that it would continue to bring two patent infringement cases committed by Nokia to court in the United States and Germany.

"BlackBerry is disappointed that the Court of Arbitration does not agree with our arguments but in this case we will accept their decision, this will not change BlackBerry's assumption that Nokia has violated our intellectual property and we will continue to file charges in the US and Germany," said BlackBerry in an official statement.

BlackBerry and Nokia are now trying to bring back their brand to the smartphone industry. This year, BlackBerry has no market share in the same smartphone market. Since then they have sold their smartphone brand licenses to several companies.

Meanwhile, Nokia sold its license to HMD, which started making Android smartphones with Nokia brand, including the semi-flagship smartphone in September. Nokia also released feature phone 3310 a few months ago.

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