BlackBerry will remove BlackBerry World app store at the end of 2019

BlackBerry Logo
BlackBerry has been presenting smartphone with QWERTY physical keypad is comfortable. Support for the device began to dominate Google Android. The Canadian company will close their app store BlackBerry World at the end of December 2019. This means that many built-in BlackBerry applications will begin to lose support and can not be used.

This is considered reasonable because at this time BlackBerry also buried Android as the operating system device, no longer BlackBerry OS. Their latest OS is only found on BB 10 devices released 2 years ago.
And this makes the impact to the old Blackberry smartphone users especially those who still use the BlackBerry OS, not Android, certainly can not use all the applications in the device in 2020.
For BlackBerry is also a difficult decision when it should stop the development and support of the operating system. Their loyal users who still use the previous smartphone series must be willing to buy a new device.

By 2020 their devices will automatically be outdated. The same thing as Nokia Lumia smartphone users when it is still held by Microsoft and using Windows Phone operating system and a year ago Windows Phone discontinued its support.
If you are the latest BlackBerry users who are still not Android you may be lucky enough if the BlackBerry is still willing to provide patches or support for the latest BlackBerryOS operating system.