California health department advises people not to hold the phone closer to the body for long

Listen to the smartphone in the ear
CDPH (California Department of Public Health) has issued a warning of radiation released by mobile phones. One thing that we always take away and can not stop using electromagnetic radiation, and now California has issued guidance related to the use of mobile phones for the community.

CDPH asks people to reduce the use of mobile devices and advise against bringing the device closer to you when not in use.

"While this is still being studied, there are concerns among public health professionals and some people about the effects of long-term exposure to energy released by mobile phones," said CDPH Director, Karen Smith.

This warning appears after documents related to the effects of cell phone radiation are published. Last year, UC Berkeley professor Joel Moskowitz wanted to sue CDPH to release the findings they found after he began to find out whether mobile phone use increases the risk of tumors.

"Mobile phone manufacturers want you to keep a minimum distance with your phone and you have to know how far it is," said Moskowitz.

CDPH recommends that you do not store the phone in your pocket or close it to your ear and do not use the phone often when the battery is low. CDPH also requests that you not sleep close to your phone at night and know that when you are in a car or bus or train, your phone will release radio frequency energy to stay connected to the network.

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