China allegedly spied on Germany via Linkedin service

Linkedin building
Not only Russia is often accused of spying on other countries through the digital world. It is now China's turn to be suspected of spying on Germany through Linkedin services. The German defense agency BfV (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz) found at least 10,000 Germans targeted by Chinese spies.

Mentioned China uses Linkedin's professional services in the form of fake accounts. It did not say how many fake accounts it was, but the Germans made sure that the account was Chinese engineering.
"They use profile photographs taken from shopping catalogs, job information filled with strategic positions makes it easy to connect with other users," said Chief BfV Hans-Georg Maassen.
Capitalized by the fake job of the party, BfV sees that this account is trying to connect with other Linkedin account users in Germany who have an important position. For example, college teachers, government officials, to politicians in Germany.
Until now, the Chinese have not given a clear response to the findings of the German defense agency that has begun to be monitored since the beginning of this year.