China government has blocked more than 13,000 websites for 3 years

China state security
The China government is well-known for maintaining its country's sovereignty, including in the digital world. Enforcing a supervisory policy known as The Great Firewall, they managed to close more than 13,000 websites. More than 13 thousand sites and 10 million social media accounts have been closed within 3 years since 2015.

The move follows from the victory of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who then by many opposition parties is seen as the way the ruling party in the country suppresses opponents or those who criticize his government.
The arguments made by the Chinese government are also not wrong. They state this step including how the state controls and maintains its sovereignty in the digital world.
The government itself mentions 90 percent of its citizens who followed the survey on this very supportive of these steps. At least 63.5 percent believe that it reduces the circulation of negative and harmful content on the internet.
China's policy regarding the full control and control of Internet traffic in the country is debated. Due to the prohibition of internet service from outside the entry into China makes many foreign businesses also difficult to operate in China.