China tries electronic identification system via WeChat

WeChat app
Chinese society may no longer need to carry a wallet. Starting next year, Chinese citizens no longer need to carry ID cards as long as they are registered users of WeChat. On Monday, the Guangzhou government, China released the first part of WeChat identity card.

The card allows the public to perform identity verification using face recognition technology. The program is expected to be launched across China next month. This electronic identity card will function like a traditional identity card issued by the state.
Verified users will be able to do all things that require identity cards, such as renting rooms in hotels and using government services, by simply scanning their faces using a mobile phone. Their identity will then be authenticated using an artificial intelligence system.
WeChat is a social messaging platform like WhatsApp. It has 980 million registered users of the majority of Chinese society, which has a population of 1.4 billion people.

The application is owned by Chinese giant Tencent, the first Asian technology company to have valuations of more than $ 500 billion last month.

Tencent's decision to create identity cards based on WeChat is part of their efforts to improve relations with the government, after they were investigated in August on allegations of illegal content.