Companies in Japan use drones by playing songs to drive home worker overtime

T-Frend drone
Japan has a culture that encourages employees to work overtime to show their loyalty. That is a serious matter. Not only does the workers not have time with their family and friends, it also increases the chances of workers dying because they are too tired.
The Taisei company that built the stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics wants to solve the problem in an unusual way, namely by creating a drone that encourages workers to return home.
Taisei has just introduced T-Frend, a security drone that will monitor the state of the office with its camera. However, the drone will also play the song "Auld Lang Syne" which is usually used to show closing time in Japan to encourage workers to return home.
In theory, the music played and the sound of the drones will make it difficult for workers to concentrate and reluctant to continue with their work.

This autonomous drone does not require GPS. The drone service will be available in Japan at a price of ¥ 50,000 ($ 443) per month, which will limit the users of these services to medium and large companies that can provide the money to improve the health of their workers.

However, it is still unknown how effective this T-Frend is, given that many workers use headphones with noise-canceling features to focus on their work.

One thing is for sure this service will contribute to the national effort to create a more balanced lifestyle.