Daughter of Dell company owner showing off $ 3 million engagement ring

Alexa Dell
Alexa Dell is the daughter of Michael Dell, owner of Dell computer vendor and one of the world's richest men. He is happy to have proposed his girlfriend who gave an estimated engagement ring worth US $ 3 million.

24-year-old Alexa, showing off 12 carat and super expensive diamond rings on social media.
Given by his girlfriend, named Harrison Refoua who is 40 years old. They are ready to get married.

"The diamond engagement ring is usually priced at $ 500,000, but it could be millions of dollars based on its cuts and looks," said Hamish Shepard, founder of the Bridebook website.

Alexa is proposed at the Four Seasons hotel in Kona, Hawaii, owned by her father. Alexa's father, Michael Dell, is indeed one of the world's richest men.

The boyfriend, Harrison, is a real estate investor who also has a lot of money. They have been dating about a year after being introduced by friends. Previously, Alexa is the lover of former CEO of Tinder, Sean Rad.

Michael Dell is currently estimated to have assets in the range of US $ 23.7 billion. He occupies the position of the 37 richest people in the world.

Dell is increasingly flying in the world of technology and now provides many products, not just computers. They have annexed the $ 67 billion EMC virtualization company in 2016, one of the world's biggest technology acquisitions.

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