Director of AI Apple show off the development of autonomous car project

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Apple's focus on making autonomous cars has changed over the past few years. However, this year, Apple seems to have made much progress about the project. In April, Apple gained permission to test a car without a driver in California. In June, CEO Tim Cook confirmed that they are developing software that allows cars or other vehicles to move autonomously.

On Friday, Apple's Director of AI Ruslan Salakhutdinov explained about Apple's success in machine learning that will help them realize autonomous car projects.

Salakhutdinov speaks before AI experts at the Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) conference in California. There, he talks about how Apple uses machine learning to analyze data from existing cameras in vehicles.

He also talked about the techniques used by Apple in using AI to detect pedestrians and cyclists using Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR).

Salakhutdinov also explained about developments in other projects, such as software that uses cameras on cars to identify objects such as cars and pedestrians as well as driving trails on the road.

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