Disney doesn't mind Deadpool 2 has an adult rating

Disney just bought most of 20th Century Fox. That means Disney, a child-friendly company, now has the Deadpool franchise, which has an adult rating. Does that mean Deadpool 2 will be made in such a way as to be watched by children?

In a press conference related to Fox acquisition, Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke about the Deadpool franchise. He said he did not mind the movie with an adult rating as long as they could convey it to the audience.

"So far, Deadpool does have a Marvel brand, and in the future it will be so," said Iger.

"But we thought there was a chance for a Marvel movie with an adult rating like Deadpool, so long as we let the audience know what they're going to watch, we think we can do that."

Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds has commented on the potential acquisition of Fox by Disney before this. Before Disney officially acquired Fox, via Twitter, Reynolds had asked how the acquisition would affect the movie Deadpool.
By 2016, Iger says Disney is not planning to make Marvel movies with an adult rating. Of course the plan could change. The child-friendly Deadpool movie is likely to be strongly protested by fans.