Disney has just acquired a film studio and 21st Century Fox TV series for $ 52 billion

Walt Disney Pictures
Disney has just acquired the 21st Century Fox film studio and TV series for US $ 52 billion. This means Disney can now incorporate Marvel properties under Fox like X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In an official statement, Disney said the agreement allows them to combine these characters "with the Marvel family in one roof and create richer and more complex worlds with characters and stories that are connected to each other."

Marvel has been planning to remodel the MCU after their Phase Three finishes. The phase should end with the 4th Avengers film that will air in 2019, which will be the end of the Infinity War story.
"There will be two different periods: All the films before Avengers 4 and all the films afterwards," said President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige before this.
The X-Men series, which began in 2000, has a long history. Days of Future Past does reset everything that happens on X3: The Last Stand, but Marvel must find a way to integrate the X-Men story into the MCU or re-create the X-Men story to fit the existing story. In addition, Marvel should also consider TV series such as Legion and The Gifted.
Going forward X-Men will also have two new films, Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants that originally wanted to air in 2018. Now, Disney may not be tinkering with X-Men characters.

Another case with the Fantastic Four, which has a bad reputation. Fantastic Four movie in 2005 and its sequel, Rise of the Silver Surfer get a warm welcome.