Elon Musk accidentally leaked his cell phone number on Twitter

Elon Musk
In using social media, we are often careless for incorrectly uploading something or using incorrect features in it. This seems to be experienced also by someone who is experts in the field of technology.

It was experienced by Elon Musk the founder of autonomous car manufacturers and space mission Space X. Musk involuntarily put the contact number in a tweet to a company account named Carmack.

Allegedly if Musk actually intend to establish communication with the company by sending them via direct message feature on Twitter but he was mistaken. He actually load it in tweets that can be monitored by followers Twitter account which amounted to 16.7 million followers.

Carmack is a virtual reality developer who joined Oculus and was acquired by Facebook in 2014 to develop virtual reality as it is currently on display by Facebook.

Of course the Musk tweets are quickly removed. But, some of his followers had time to record it. Some of those who noted found the number also connected with the Apple iMessage app. When contacted, of course the call will not be appointed by Musk.

Precisely many who try to find voice recording calls are investigated comes from pieces of the game God of War scenes. "By the Gods you've done it." I offer you my congratulations and my respect, "read the tape.

Musk's carelessness this time raises speculation that he intends to develop virtual reality technology. Whereas during this known he is more focused to the development of technology for future vehicles, space missions, and renewable energy.