Employees of Amazon and Microsoft are caught related to the case of prostitution

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The technology industry is quite synonymous with sexism, but a report from Newsweek shows that the industry has other more serious problems. The media gets a bunch of emails sent to brothels and pimps from 2014 to 2016. The email set-up shows people who are customers of commercial sex workers or prostitutes who are victims of trafficking.

From a collection of emails obtained by requesting King County Prosecutor's Office public records, 67 emails were sent from Microsoft employee email accounts, 63 from Amazon accounts and dozens of emails sent from companies such as Boeing, T-Mobile, Oracle and local technology companies in Seattle.
Part of the email was obtained during a raid in 2015 targeting the prostitution forum review that led to the arrest of 18 people, including directors of Amazon and Microsoft.
Seattle's sex industry is growing in tandem along with the development of the technology industry. Authorities say that some people spend up to US $ 50 thousand per year on prostitution services.
Brothels usually emphasize how close they are to the offices of technology companies. Alex Trouteaud, Director of Policy and Research at Demand Abolition, an anti-trafficking organization told Newsweek that the technology industry has a culture that encourages human trafficking.
"So far, Microsoft has always worked with law enforcement and other agencies to fight the sex worker trade and other related topics and we have workers who are willing to spend their time and money fighting this issue," Microsoft told Newsweek.
"The personal action carried out by a small portion of our 125,000 workers does not reflect our culture."

"No company is immune to unfavorable situations when the worker performs immoral or unlawful acts.When that happens, we review the actions taken and take appropriate action."
Microsoft affirms to employees that they have a responsibility to act with integrity and apply according to the moral and legal at all times. Otherwise, they will lose their jobs.