Face ID on iPhone X can not protect family version apps

Face ID on iPhone X
iPhone users with family subscription plans that act as heads of families will be required to give consent when family members buy new apps and want to install them on their phones.

To grant such permission, iPhone 7 and previous users can do so via Touch ID. However, iPhone X no longer supports Touch ID, while Face ID is not equipped with the ability to grant permission authentication tool.

However, the family head of the family package user can still grant permissions for child app requests by completing Apple ID passwords to every request. While at this time, entering a password in each activity is rated as a tiring act.
This is because the Family Organizer feature supports models or devices that utilize Touch ID can still use fingerprints to give approval. Face ID is judged to be fooled by family members with a high resemblance to iPhone X owners.
Therefore, Apple does not want to take risks by making Face ID a gap that can be used to commit crimes, even just kids buying apps as they please after tricking Face ID.