Facebook and Google will be investigated by the Australian government for engaging in media disruptions

Google company
Australian competition regulators say they will investigate whether Facebook and Google have so disturbed the media market, harming consumers and publishers alike. Just like any other media company in the world, traditional media companies in Australia have been complicated by online media presence, given that advertisers prefer to place their ads on companies that provide digital advertising services like Google, Facebook and Netflix.

The Australian government has called for this investigation to be opened as part of broader media reforms, given the current concerns about journalism and the quality of news in the future.

In addition, these reforms are also made to address the issue of employee cutbacks by media companies due to reduced revenue and the proliferation of false news.

"We will determine whether those platforms have market power that harms consumers, advertisers and creators of media content," said Chairman of Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Rod Sims in an official statement.

The investigation will also study how Facebook and Google operate to fully understand their influence in Australia, "he said.

A Google spokesperson said, "We're looking forward to providing relevant feedback in this process." Unfortunately, Facebook did not immediately comment when asked his opinion related to this plan.