Facebook launches a special Messenger app for kids for easy parental monitoring

Facebook Messenger Kids
Facebook releases a dedicated Messenger instant messaging service for children aged six to 12. Named Messenger Kids, the service allows children to register without having a Facebook account. In accordance with legal provisions, children under the age of 13 years are not allowed to join the Facebook ecosystem.

Broadly the same as the standard Messenger app, which allows users to exchange text, video, photos, and GIF. Users can also use adorable filters to chat with anyone.
One of the most distinguishing features is parental control. Friends or family members who can connect with the child via Messenger Kids must bypass parental consent through their Facebook account.
Kids online activity via Messenger Kids can be watched by parents. Whenever a child is online, parents will be given a special notice.
Facebook also confirmed that Messenger Kids is made solely to meet the communication needs for children. There is no intention to work on the potential for new income from it.
"There are no ads in Messenger Kids and information about your child will not be shared with advertisers. This app is free and there is no in-app purchase, "Facebok representative explained in a blog post.
This app is currently only available for iOS users in the United States. Not yet clear when Facebook will expand it to Android and other countries.