Google became the largest renewable energy user company

Google renewable energy
Google ends up using 100 percent renewable energy with solar energy or wind energy. The company has signed three wind power plants to provide electricity at 3GW. Google's investment in energy infrastructure reaches US $ 3.5 billion in the world. Two-thirds of them in the United States. With this Google will make the company that uses the most renewable energy, according to Google's statement on Thursday.

The company under Alphabet's care contracts with 4 different power plants. Two of them are in South Dakota, one in Iowa and one in Oklahoma.
At the end of last year, Google announced that it would use 100 percent renewable power this year. With this latest contract, Google has fully used renewable energy to perform their operations.
This is not a small achievement considering the energy that Google needs to do search computing annually. The total number of searches that Google does annually can reach trillions.
Other companies, like Apple, also use renewable energy for much of the energy they need to operate within a year. Although Apple can use renewable energy for all its operations, Google will remain the largest net energy user company, considering they need far more energy than Apple.
Most of the renewable energy used by Google comes from wind power, while the rest, they use solar power plants. The second largest net buyer of energy after Google is Amazon.