Google Chrome will start monitoring annoying ads starting February 15th

CEO Google Sundar Pichai
Google again announced their continuation of installing ad blocking features in the Chrome browser. The feature will actively work on February 15, 2018. Surely ads become one source of income that was repeated from the internet and Google itself relies on advertising. Not that the entire ad will be blocked from appearing in Chrome browser. Google will only block the view that pertains to disrupt the convenience of internet users so that they are reluctant to access a site.

In the Ad Experience Report program, Google will provide guidance for advertisers and site owners about better advertising.

The move taken by Google is part of Google's participation in the Coalition for Better Ads organization, which aims to encourage the advertising industry to make much better advertising content and take note of user convenience.

With so counted February 15, 2018 Google will closely monitor every ad that appears in the Chrome browser. If any ads are in violation then Google will immediately block the ad and create a report to the ad provider.

In the Google-generated guide, some form of advertising is mentioned in desktop and mobile versions. For example ads that cover a full screen, ads with videos that automatically play with sounds, suddenly appearing ads, and countdown ads before they can be closed.