Google forbids apps from running on the Android lock screen

Lockscreen ad
Google announces a ban on advertising lock screen by an Android app. This was announced by Google through the PlayStore Developer Policy Center page recently. In the announcement, Google stated that an app should not display ads or features that monetize the locked screen of Android devices.

Google insists that ads installed by developers are prohibited from disturbing the home screen. This means that developers can only show ads within their apps only. This rule applies to all Android apps distributed through the Google Play Store app store.

However, if a user installs an app through a third-party app store such as MoboMarket, ads that utilize the lock screen may appear.

Previously, the advertising mode by utilizing the lock screen has been utilized by several global and local companies.

Given the average Android user can check his phone 50 times per day, then this business is seen to be potentially and profitable both from advertisers and users.

To attract the interest of companies ad service providers usually offer free credit and vouchers to users to install their applications.

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