Google hires Apple chip designer John Bruno to help him develop his own chipset

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Google is in the early stages of developing its mobile chip line of work, which will be embedded on other Pixel and mobile devices in the future. To help Google produce high-quality components, Google persuaded Apple John Bruno chip design. Bruno is in charge of leading Apple's silicon competitive analyst group. The team is in charge of ensuring that the chips used in Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad are superior to competitors.

Prior to joining Apple, Bruno worked at Advanced Micro Devices as chief engineer. Bruno is in charge of developing Fusion chip lines, and also handles chip designs in ATI. Now as System Architect for Google, Bruno is one of the few engineers who left Apple for Google.

Among the most important engineers who switched to Google include Manu Gulati, who oversees the development of the Apple A series chipset that is used to support devices such as Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple iPod Touch and smart speakers to be launched, Apple HomePod.

After searching for candidate employees from large companies such as Apple and Qualcomm, Google is predicted to introduce the line of his first work at least in 2018.

Google again intensified its efforts in persuading people to use the Play Music streaming service. One of his efforts is to offer a free trial period.

Google is now re-launching a new promotional program aimed at bringing more consumers to its music streaming service. For a limited time, Google offers new customers a free trial of four months of service.

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