Google Maps install special support for iPhone X

Google Maps iPhone X support
Officially available marketed in early November, a number of applications still do not fully support the 5.8-inch screen iPhone X which comes with a different look than other smartphones. It was also realized by Google that it decided to roll out updates that contained specific support for iPhone X. The update provided Google for a number of its applications, one for Google Maps.

Content displayed in the Google Maps app will appear to fill the screen more suitably, including on the right and left sides of iPhone X. This update also comes with a number of bug fixes.

However, the bug fixes do not only apply to iPhone X as well as previous iPhone models, although users may find it difficult to be aware of the changes presented in the Google app.

Other apps that receive updates containing full support for iPhone X are Google Home iOS versions. The app helps users organize and control Google Players speakers and Google Chromecast players from their phones.

Previously Google launched Datally, an application that helps users understand the use of data and control the data packets used. Through Datally users can specify which applications are allowed to use the data in the background.

Meanwhile, YouTube content creators will also be able to record streaming video on their own version of Stories feature, called Reels. This feature allows the creator to record a number of Reels without the need to remove one of them.