Google, Microsoft is worried over the acquisition of Broadcom-Qualcomm will make a profit for Apple

Qualcomm company
Google and Microsoft became major technology companies that sent a complaint to Qualcomm regarding Broadcom's acquisition of branches. Currently, Broadcom owns a US $ 70 stake in its $ 105 bid against Qualcomm.

The offer consists of US $ 60 cash and US $ 10 Broadcom shares. The source indicates that Qualcomm will be willing to approve the acquisition if the proposed bid is worth US $ 80 per share and higher.

Meanwhile, Broadcom is working to include its candidate on the Qualcomm board of directors. These efforts are expected to help win Qualcomm at the current offer price.
Google and Microsoft are reportedly worried about Apple's shadow in the deal. Apple and Qualcomm are caught in a number of lawsuits and the relationship between them is bad enough, so Apple decided to look for other chip modem suppliers for the 2018 CDMA iPhone model.
Currently, Intel's modem chips are used on the GSM version of the iPhone model, and are expected to be used on next year's iPhone models. Microsoft has begun to compete with the Apple iPad, through the production of a series of hybrid laptops that can also function as a tablet.
The two giant technology companies are called a fear if Broadcom buys Qualcomm, and will benefit Apple. Previously, Broadcom CEO Hock Tan was reportedly optimistic to be able to complete a number of lawsuits Qualcomm and Apple, if the company bought Qualcomm.
Seeing Broadcom's reputation for cost savings, Microsoft and Google are worried that both mergers will sharply reduce innovation in the technology industry. While Qualcomm is currently still waiting for a higher offer increase for his company.