Google plans to create offline stores in India

Google in India
India is the second largest smartphone market after China. No wonder if Google is interested in selling their Pixel 2 phones in the country. Google plans to open an offline store in India to sell its new smartphone.
Google is considering opening a place for people to try their phones in India. There, customers can try Pixel 2.
A source who is reluctant to be named said, Google may open the stores by 2018. While other sources say Google has asked Apple's senior executive's help in plans related to their retail sales.
Google is pleased with the interest shown by Indians in some shopping centers like High Street Phoenix in Mumbai and Select Citywalk, Promenade, Mall of India in Delhi. Two major shopping centers in India have gained demand for space to open Google's shop.
"They understand that offline stores are also important because there are many features that you can not explain offline," says a mall executive.

Google did not confirm this rumor. However, opening a retail store in India can help them compete with Apple and Samsung, as well as with Chinese smartphone makers like Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo.