How to create a list of your favorite videos on YouTube

We know that the YouTube service is already a subscription for those who love to watch streaming video, from kids to adults.

Surely most YouTube service users have some videos that they like or watch over and over again. If you include YouTube service users as mentioned then you should make a list of favorite videos or playlists so it can be easy and fast if you want to watch the video again.

This feature is also worth a try for parents who regularly present videos from YouTube services for their children. This may allow children to not find inappropriate content for their age. Here we have created a quick guide on how to create a list of your favorite videos or playlists.

1.Search for videos you like

First open the YouTube app on your device. Then find the video you like in the search field at the top of the YouTube app main page. For example, you want to make a list of your child's favorite YouTube videos. Find videos devoted to the age of children and contain educational content.

2. Mark the video

If you've found a child-friendly video, select the 'vertical arranged dots' icon located on the right side of the video on the search page. Later, you will see a dialog box that on the second line there is an option labeled 'add to playlist'.

If you choose to play the video first to make sure the content is appropriate, then on the bottom side of the video on the far right there is an icon with a 'plus' sign. This icon also works to add videos to your list of favorite videos or playlists you create.

3. Create a Playlist according to the type of video

In this section you will be given a dialog box that contains the same 'create new playlist' option. Create a playlist name according to the type of video you collect. If you previously have a playlist list, then the dialog will display the name of the list of favorite videos or playlists you have created.

So just remember the steps you just described if you want to create a list of your favorite videos or new playlists, and insert the videos you just found into the playlists you've created. You can create more than one playlist.

4. View a list of videos you create

To view and play videos that have been collected in a list or playlist, you must return to the earliest pages of the YouTube app. Then select the icon in the lower right corner of the app that says 'library'.

On this page you will see the playlists you have created. Playlist feature on YouTube is a feature you should try because when you play a playlist then the playing video will fit the contents of the playlist. This feature is right for your child who does not know about the YouTube app or has a favorite video that can keep children entertained.

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