How To Execute Virus Shortcut in Flashdisk Without Antivirus

For you flash users must have experienced data aliases suddenly lost files or can not open the virus hit shortcut. Although not dangerous, virus shortcuts that often attack the flash is really annoying.

You see, it could be a shortcut virus that has infected the flash will attack your device if carelessly plugged into a PC or laptop.

Actually ya, overcome the virus shortcut on the flash is very easy. Can use antivirus such as SMADAV or other antivirus. However, if the device on your PC or laptop not yet equipped with antivirus how dong to eradicate the virus shortcut in flashdisk? Learn tips for you to overcome the virus attack shortcut in flash without antivirus.

If the infected flash is already plugged in a laptop or PC, go directly to the CMD command

So, shortly after you plug the infected flashdisk into your laptop or PC then immediately open the command CMD (Command Prompt namely). The way to get this one command is to press the Windows key and the R letter together. If it is pressed, it will appear CMP command on the screen laptop or PC.

Then, type the drive code of the infected flashd in the CMD command

If the CMD command already appears on your PC or laptop screen, then immediately type the drive code of the infected flashdisk. Eg, flash drive code that appears is F, then type letter F on the CMD screen and press enter.

After typing the drive code on the next CMD screen you must type a special command. The command in question is attrib -s -h -r -a *. * / S / d. If you have typed, then you must be patient waiting for the recovery process for a few seconds only.

If the recovery process is complete, then automatically flash free from virus shortcut

Yes, after waiting for a while the process of recovery then automatically your flash is free from virus shortcuts. All infected folders and suddenly lost or hidden by the virus will re-appear. No need to be sad anymore.

But keep in mind again, after the process was finished does not mean you can be relieved. You see, you are still required to remove the virus from your flashdisk. In addition, to increase the immunity of flash from virus attacks shortcut in the future then you must be careful when sticking the flash to other devices.

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