HTC is reportedly developing a light bulb technological detection movement

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HTC again try their luck in the realm of other technologies besides smartphones. HTC reportedly developed a light bulb that can detect humans falling in the room he was lighting.

When detecting the fallen man, the moving antenna will be activated to help determine the human condition has died or is still alive. The same technology can be used to determine when detecting humans who sit in one location in the long term.

Sedentariness Reminder Function will tell other individuals in the room that sitting in the same location for long periods is not good for health. However, it is still not known how to be used to distribute the information.
Information is expected to be delivered via the applications offered simultaneously with the bulb. The same application is also expected to automatically call an ambulance when the lightbulb detects individual falls and difficulty standing.
HTC will also submit its new product to Google, so it can be marketed alongside Nest's smart line of equipment.
This information is not surprising to the realm of technological observers, because HTC has registered patent protection documents related to the product to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in early 2017.