Instagram is reportedly preparing an alpha membership program for Android version of app users

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Instagram prepares an alpha membership program for Android version of app users. The program will give members the opportunity to be first in trying out new features and receiving updates. 

The new feature has not yet undergone a testing process, so the experience it presents is called unsatisfactory. However, members will be able to become the first Instagram users to know the new features and capabilities being set up by Instagram.

The program related information comes from verified Instagram employees who are trying to persuade a number of Android customers to be members of the program in the Reddit / Android subreddit forum.

However, uploads containing this information have been removed from the forum, it is estimated that the program has reached its maximum quota and has enough members for the Android version of Instagram app. Users can still use Google Group to join alpha groups.

By accessing Google Group, users are presented with a request to verify some information. Joining members of the program can also be done from Google Play, which will send users the links needed to become testers.