Intel will enlarge the capacity of Optane SSD 900P

Intel Optane SSD 900P
Intel is already long enough to play in the storage line. One of its flagship products today is the Intel Optane SSD 900P which is claimed to have the best performance in its class. The new SSD is available with a capacity of 280GB and 480GB, and Intel plans to expand its capacity. Intel released new supporting documents for Optane SSD 900P.
In the document mentioned two new variants for this SSD is with a capacity of 950GB and 1.5TB. This is certainly a big leap considering the capacity offered will double.

Increased capacity is increasingly attractive, but Intel does not want to just add capacity. The new Optane SSD 900P variant is claimed to be more power efficient than ever.

In addition, Intel will also create a new look in the sales package and most importantly is Intel will directly embed the new firmware into this SSD.
If using the same price scale for the 280GB and 480GB variants, the new Optane SSD 900P variant will certainly cost more than US $ 1000. Surely the price is quite expensive compared with its competitors.